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About Us


build_frontJames C. Marean and Donald J. Hayes founded Aurora Equipment in 1978 and changed the name to Fluid Kinetics, Inc. in March of 1981. The focus of the business then and now, is to perform as manufacturer’s representatives of quality water and wastewater equipment.

In the beginning, the business was operated out of the home of Jim Marean where he grew the company based on two product lines. After several years of rapid growth, it become apparent that additional personnel and a parts and service department were needed. It was at this time that the company moved its headquarters to its current location at 251 Thorn Avenue in Orchard Park, NY. Once in the new facility, the company produced new product lines, enhanced its sales capabilities, added a parts manager, and receptionist.

The ongoing growth of the business eventually led to the addition of satellite sales offices based throughout New York State. Those offices, located in the Rochester, Syracuse and Albany areas, have become an essential part of the Fluid Kinetics operation.

In June of 2001, two employees of the company purchased the business from James Marean and Donald Hayes, who wished to retire. Today the companys new owners are Douglas J. Hayes and Robert S. Glace Jr.

Fluid Kinetics, Inc. has endured, while others have faded away. Product lines, new owners, and equipment changes had undergone growing pains, yet the main philosophy and business practices of Fluid Kinetics, Inc., remained in tact. Our dedication to customer service and the company’s steadfast belief that fair treatment to customers was necessary to the companys survival, which brings Fluid Kinetics, Inc. forward to today. The companys continued interest in our customer’s needs, and by placing their necessities first, Fluid Kinetics, Inc. focus, remains on task.


We are a manufacturer’s representative for a wide variety of water and wastewater equipment, we see all our projects through to completion. The company has experienced and reliable staff to handle all customer needs. Our staff also oversees the appropriate installation of all the equipment sold by our firm. We work closely with engineers, architects, contractors, and; end users to ensure that the equipment meets the requirements of the project and is of the highest quality and manufacture, to assure a long, trouble-free service life.


Our firm has handled a vast number of municipal projects spanning the State of New York and beyond. A variety of those projects include; Niagara Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant, Monroe County Water Auth., Endicott Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, Water Booster Pump Station for the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC), several New York State Correctional Facility projects-both water and wastewater-including Five Points Correctional, Shawangunk Correctional Facility, MacCormick Secure Facility, Attica Correctional Facility, Riverview Correctional Facility; various New York State Parks projects, many SUNY College projects-both water and wastewater, and countless other plant upgrades and new installations. We would be pleased to provide an installation list for the product lines you have in mind.

We also supply complete modular pump stations for water and wastewater, specialty valve equipment, and water booster equipment to meet the needs of schools, towns, and municipalities.


If you are considering a municipal water or wastewater project, we would like to hear from you to answer any questions you may have, assist in product selection and tell you more about our firm’s capabilities. We welcome your questions and would be delighted to offer a list of references of our current and past customers.

We are very proud of our past record, but we do not want to dwell on the successes of the past; we are more interested in the challenges of the future.